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Motivation gets you started
Habits keep you going
Health stems from habits
Happiness exudes from 
                 health and wellbeing!

My mission is to help you

become the best version of yourself

through health coaching, yoga

and applied behavior analysis.


I'm Carolina

hey there!

Do you feel stuck in life? 

Do you struggle with losing weight?

Are you feeling stressed or burnt out?

Do you need assistance with managing 

health conditions and nutrition?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these, I can help!

  • We will set practical goals, identify patterns of behaviors, and analyze challenges that hold you back. 

  • Using behavior science, I will guide you in building habits that fit your lifestyle and preferences.

  • I will give nutrition support so you can make enlightened choices.

  • We will practice mindful yoga based on Acceptance Commitment Therapy

  • And most of all, I will be your accountability partner who will motivate you to stay consistent and achieve success

EveryBody is unique. That's why my approach is personalized. I truly believe that we can reach a state of happiness and wellbeing through lifestyle medicine. We can heal our body by cultivating healthy habits, staying active, practicing mindfulness and embracing self-compassion.

I am a board certified behavior analyst, health and wellbeing coach, and yoga teacher. 

Together,  we will create a system that will transform your outlook and
Eempower behavior change! 

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Health Coaching

Yoga Coaching

Workplace Wellness

Behavior Assessment



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you won't regret it.

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