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Health & Well-being Coaching for Anybody, Anywhere

Improve your Physical, Financial, Mental, Social, Purpose, and Emotional Well-being through Mindful Yoga-based Acceptance Commitment Training.

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For Individuals, Families and Organizations


Wellness Coaching

Using behavior science, we will build habits for good health and well-being. We will set practical goals, identify patterns of behaviors or challenges, and systematically make changes that will last. 


You will receive the whole package of health and wellness coaching, nutrition guidance, and mindful yoga coaching. 

Child Psychologist

Parent Support

Receive parent training to foster a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for your family. We will work together to develop your child's mindfulness, social behavior, communication and other coping skills that will minimize behavior challenges.  


If you have a child with Autism, this may be covered by your health insurance provider.


Wellbeing Workshop

With your organization's collaboration, we will create, launch, and evaluate wellness programs that will improve team cultures and wellbeing. 

This will include stress management, preventing burnout and compassionate fatigue, and mindful yoga breaks suitable for the workplace.

On a Video Call

Behavior Assessment

Everything starts with a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). 

FBAs help us understand behaviors using deep dive interviews, direct observation, questionnaires, etc. This process is intended to identify events surrounding behaviors or challenges, such as what happens before/after, where they occur, with whom and why. Based on the results, we will then go forward on how to address them.

Is wellness coaching for me?

Do you feel stuck in life? 

Do you struggle with staying healthy?

Are you feeling stressed or burnt out?

Do you feel you are ready for success but not sure how to get there?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these,

I can help!


Join the 100 Days Behavior Transformation program or schedule a one-on-one coaching session.



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