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Take charge of your health! Reshape your mindset, transform your behaviors and achieve emotional balance for success.

What is a Health & Well-Being Coach?

Think of a Health & Well-being Coach as your mentor or guide in making lifestyle changes - losing weight, improving nutrition, finding work-life balance, managing stress and health conditions, etc. We can assist you in one or more areas of your well-being: Physical, Financial, Mental, Social, Career/Purpose, Emotional. We won't tell you what to do, rather give you the knowledge or tools to make enlightened choices and find answers within yourself.


Health & Well-being Coaches can help you set goals, discover your values, adjust priorities, overcome limiting beliefs or other challenges, and shift behaviors. Our goal is to empower you in achieving your vision of well-being and bring you closer to the life you want to live.




Using behavior science, we will build habits for good health and well-being. We will set practical goals, identify patterns of behaviors or challenges. Using the ACT Approach, we will work together in coming up with action plans to overcome barriers.


You will receive the whole package of health and wellness coaching, nutrition guidance, and mindful yoga coaching. 

Child Psychologist


Receive parent training to foster a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for your family's well-being. We will work together in developing your child's mindfulness, healthy habits, social behavior, communication and other coping skills that will minimize behavior challenges.  


If you have a child with Autism, this may be covered by your health insurance provider.

(In Network with Magellan)

Is health & well-being coaching for me?

Do you feel stuck in life? 

Do you struggle with staying healthy?

Are you feeling stressed or burnt out?

Do you need help maintaining

work-life balance?

Do you feel you are ready for success but not sure how to get there?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these,

I can help!


Join the 3-months Acceptance Commitment Training Program or schedule a one-on-one coaching session.



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