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Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of how people learn and behave. It helps us understand how behavior is affected by the environment. Behavior analysts implement strategies to reduce challenging behaviors and increase skills that will improve the client's quality of life. 


Behavior-analytic research has been conducted and implemented into practice for decades.Studies have shown that ABA has helped individuals achieve meaningful behavior change, such as adherence to diet and exercise regimens.

Behavior analysts also provide services to improve organizational functioning (e.g., staff training and development, employee performance, wellness in the workplace, etc.) (Tarbox, et al., 2020).

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My Wellbeing Journey


It wasn't a straight path for me. There’s been crossroads, uphill, downhill, and I’ve also gotten lost. Like many others, I’ve struggled with unhealthy weight, stress and depression. Workaholism led to burnout and compassion fatigue. With my physical and mental health deteriorating, I needed to hit the brakes. Reset.


Under the guidance of other coaches, I learned how to apply my knowledge of behavior science to change my mentality and habits. Setting practical removed the pressure. Slowly but surely, I started to enjoy the process. Practicing yoga alleviated stress and gave me a sense of renewed energy!


My journey is not done but I have learned some valuable lessons along the way - Making small changes is the key to achieving lasting results. Secondly, having an accountability partner (and cheerleader) to help you carry on is essential because there will be days when you’ll need one. And most importantly, when the road gets bumpy, be kind to yourself.

                 I look forward to guiding you on your journey!


Namast e,                          Carolina

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More About Me

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Nutrition Coach. My professional experience includes teaching, providing clinical supervision of behavior therapy for children with special needs, and adults who struggle with behavioral challenges. I've developed evidenced-based intervention plans to reduce emotional outbursts, aggression, food selectivity, negative "self-talk" and self-stimulatory behaviors, to name a few. This also includes creating programs to replace problem behaviors and teaching skills that will improve the client's quality of life.


I've worked with ABA agencies in streamlining onboarding procedures and training for behavior therapists. 


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